New pop-out appointment options

We have introduced a new ‘pop-out’ option system on appointments to give additional functionality and also to reduce the number of clicks required to perform some appointment tasks.

When viewing an appointment simply hover over the right-hand part of the box with the mouse to see more options pop-out. Right now you can try out our new option to duplicate individual appointments. Use duplicate to quickly set up a new appointment for a contact by just making a copy of their last appointment. You can also delete appointments from here instead of having to go fully into the edit appointment dialog box.

new appointment options

Keep your eye on this new menu bar over the coming months as we are likely to add in further additional options here. As usual, please let us know if you’ve any feedback.

KPI Performance Reports and Staff Metrics

Did you know that our new reporting features in your Dashboard now allow you to easily compare performance of your staff across a number of different metrics such as appointments taken, confirms/cancels, revenue, new appointment bookings etc.

See who communicates most with clients and Find out who your most wonderful Staff member is today.

Compare Staff performance metrics

Joomla Online Appointment Scheduling Extension


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