An Irish Start-up’s Experience of the Web Summit

YellowSchedule is an Irish based software start-up. We applied for Alpha last year, which looked as though it was free. I spent time doing a phone ‘interview’. I was told at the end of it that our company was so exciting that he didn’t even need to go back and consult with colleagues, we were hot and he was putting us straight though. Sounds good, appeals to the founder’s ego, you feel like you’ve just won a prize.

Then the issue of the cost comes up. I expressed surprise at the cost, having believed I was applying for a free table. I was told that it was normally €10k, our table was being subsidised by the larger companies. I told him we already had 4 early bird tickets and I suggested that he could just deduct the cost and it would be approx. the same. He wasn’t willing to do that, although he was willing to come down a little on cost.

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