(FIXED) – SMS delays in UK and Ireland this morning

There is an issue sending SMS messages this morning (9th July 2019) in UK and Ireland. This is resulting in delays for outgoing reminders. We apologise for the inconvenience for you and your clients. We are working with our provider to try remedy this as quickly as possible and will update further once the problem is fixed.

UPDATE: text messaging is now back online and fully functioning.

SMS Credit and Top ups on the Lite plan.

With our Lite plan you have the option of sending SMS appointment reminders to your clients. SMS messages cost 10c each and replies from your clients, including confirmations and cancellations, also cost 10c each. We are charged by our SMS provider for both sent and received messages.

When you get started with the Lite plan we give you 50 SMS credits for FREE to allow you to evaluate the SMS functionality Continue reading

6 Reasons You Should be Using Appointment Reminders

There are a variety of benefits to using automated reminders to remind your clients of upcoming appointments, benefits for both you and for your clients.

[1] Reduce No-shows:

Every missed appointment represents lost revenue. Even a relatively low no-show rate when extrapolated out over a year can make a significant dent in your annual revenues.

  • If you charge $25 per appointment for your service and you have a low no-show rate of only 1 per day. That still equates to $125 per week or $6,500 per year.
  • A consultant earning $150 per appointment, with an average of 3 no-shows per day is losing $117,000 per year.

Typical no-show rates vary according to industry, private medical appointments are often around 30%.

Read on for more.

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