Scheduled maintenance period

We have an upcoming scheduled maintenance period due for Sunday Morning the 18th of July at approx 8am (GMT). We are completing a migration to Amazon infrastructure. We hope to complete the migration and change-over without any downtime. We have timed this maintenance period to occur during a timeframe with the least amount of usage possible to minimise the potential for any disruption should any unforseen problems occur.


Two-factor authentication for increased account security

For increased account security we recommend enabling two-factor authentication (2FA). When 2FA is enabled, any logins to your account from an unrecognised device will require a secondary code from your cellphone or email address to be entered.

2fa login security

To enable two-factor authentication go to:
– Setting (top right menu)
– My Details
– Enable 2-factor authentication >> Yes
– Then use the options to verify both Email and Cellphone numbers on the same page and click Save.

Enable 2FA

Verify email and cellphone for 2FA

Online Scheduling Software for Covid-19 Vaccine Rollout

Covid 19 Vaccination Rollout

Irish Software Company Supports the Rollout of Covid-19 Vaccine

YellowSchedule, a Limerick based software company that specialises in healthcare scheduling has launched a solution this week to enable the South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital (SIVUH) in Cork to allocate 2nd dose appointments for its Covid-19 vaccination rollout to healthcare and frontline workers.

Martina Skelly, YellowSchedule CEO commented;

“The beauty of this solution is not only the huge administrative overhead that has been removed and automated but also the flexibility it gives to organisations. As the vaccine rollout programme ramps up there are many moving parts involved in implementation and our system can handle these seamlessly. Whether it’s the optimal timing of the 2nd dose vaccine, flexibility around the numbers of vaccinators, the duration of appointments, allocating appointments to people or enabling online self-scheduling. We provide real time data to healthcare providers and enable them to maximise every timeslot to ensure that there is no wastage in the system.”

Already in use by multiple health authorities in the US, the South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital, a part of the South/South West Hospital Group, is the first site in Ireland to deploy the solution to manage vaccine rollout.

Says Ms Skelly;

“We’ve worked with the South Infirmary in the past and are always impressed with how forward thinking they are in terms of adapting innovative solutions to improve the delivery of healthcare and streamline workflow for staff. They have a willingness to make these projects happen as they understand the benefits to all”.

Jean O’Sullivan, Operations Officer at SIVUH, commented that

“ YellowSchedule delivered for us at short notice on our requirement to fulfil 2nd dose vaccines. Without a national system ready for use yet we would have had a monumental task to schedule their 2nd dose, especially bearing in mind restrictions around the timing of the 2nd dose and co-ordinating that with the delivery of the vaccines. YellowSchedule have given us the ability to focus on the delivery of the vaccine by removing huge logistical hurdles.

The system is flexible and can change on a daily basis based on the number of vaccinators available each day and provides reporting functionality so that hospital staff can see who has confirmed their appointment, who has cancelled, who has not yet replied and can follow up appropriately with this small number.

Additionally we’re very happy to support an Irish company that are market leaders in the healthcare scheduling space.”


YellowSchedule currently provides a number of cloud-based, healthcare scheduling solutions for hospitals, behavioural health and the long-term care sector. Over 15 million appointments have been scheduled through YellowSchedule to date through bespoke solutions and the SaaS platform.

YellowSchedule can provide a unique code and single-use link for Covid-19 vaccination programmes to ensure that only eligible people can schedule vaccinations online to prevent queue jumping. YellowSchedule can also work programmatically to assign and allocate dates/times to eligible people.

Telehealth best practices

New to Telehealth? The challenges that Covid-19 and social distancing brought has led to made many businesses closing their doors and many patients in need of help as much as ever. Telehealth was already a rapidly growing service delivery model before Covid-19 came along. Now is an excellent time to investigate whether you can use telehealth to continue to provide your service to your clients in a remote Continue reading

System maintenance window upcoming

We have an upcoming scheduled maintenance period due for Sunday Morning the 2nd of September at 5:00am (GMT). Our firewall is to be upgraded. It’s expected that during this change-over period our service will be offline for a few minutes while the new firewall is activated.

We have timed this maintenance period to happen during a timeframe with the least amount of disruption possible.


Popup notes directly on calendar

We’ve updated the calendar so you can now see a small tag on appointments that have notes entered. Mousing over these appointments will popup the entered note over the top.

popup appointment notes

This lets you quickly get more content about appointments directly from your calendar view. As a reminder notes can be easily entered when adding or editing appointments using the “Add Notes” option.

add notes to an appointment

As usual, please let us know if you’ve any feedback on this powerful new feature.

Shading updates of non-working hours

We added options to control the appearance of users non-working hours. This can be found under “Settings” (top right menu) > “Calendar Settings”. This can make it clearer for administrators who are scheduling groups of users. These controls can only be seen by “Admins” on the account, but once changed will affect how all users on the account see it. As before, shading can still be turned off completely where it’s not wanted.

Shading of non-working times

Quick calendar options usability update

We’ve introduced a quick calendar settings menu available directly from the main calendar page.

quick calendar options

This option allows for instant changes to the calendar including:

1) Changing the slots per hour setting. This controls the amount of detail visible in the calendar by changing the amount of time each slot takes up.
2) Changing the number of days visible per week.
3) A new option to allow switching between Sunday and Monday as the first day of the week.

Any changes made immediately update either the large or small calendar views.

update to small calendar

Feedback on this new feature is much appreciated.