Signing into YellowSchedule with Google

It’s no secret that no matter what business you run, big or small, your company more than likely relies on at least one Google product or service to operate.

From using Gmail as your company email, collaborating with colleagues on Google Drive, promoting your business through Google + , uploading and sharing videos via YouTube, storing your events and reminders on Google Calendar and even using Google Analytics to monitor your websites performance.

It’s pretty much safe to say, if your business isn’t availing of at least one of Googles many products and services, on offer, your definitely going about life the hard way.

It’s obvious that Google has helped many a business owner streamline their company online and because we’re all about streamlining your appointment book, we have decided to introduce this handy guy;

Sign in with Google Account

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Updates: Multi-User Usability

Updates: Multi-User Usability

At YellowSchedule, we’re always looking for ways to better our appointment scheduling software. We reached out to you, our customers, to find just some of the little things we can do to make life that little bit easier for you.

We wanted to let you know that we made two new major improvements to the Multi-user usability of YellowSchedule.

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How to Accept Payments Online For Your Appointments

Billing your clients just got easier!

We’re really excited to announce the launch of YellowSchedule Payments which allows you to take payments from your clients directly via your YellowSchedule account.

Payments, deposits, prepayments and receipts are all handled simply and securely. Read on to find out more about this great new, highly requested, feature.

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Update: DNA (Did Not Attend) Appointment Status

Appointment No Show

Where to update status for appointment no-shows

We’ve updated the event status panel to include the option of flagging an appointment as a DNA (Did Not Attend).  The color that appears in the appointment view for this is black. The DNA will also be recorded in your contact’s history and will provide a way of tracking customers or clients with a large number of DNAs.