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New feature – waiting lists

We’ve provided a new feature to allow you to easily create and maintain client waiting lists for when things get a bit busy.

client waiting list inactive

We’ve kept it easy and a client can be added to the waiting list in as little as two clicks. When you create an appointment with a client on the waiting list they’ll be automatically cleared from it.

waiting list function

Usage of this should be self-explanatory, but do let us know if you’ve any questions. As always your feedback on this useful feature is much appreciated.

Popup notes directly on calendar

We’ve updated the calendar so you can now see a small tag on appointments that have notes entered. Mousing over these appointments will popup the entered note over the top.

popup appointment notes

This lets you quickly get more content about appointments directly from your calendar view. As a reminder notes can be easily entered when adding or editing appointments using the “Add Notes” option.

add notes to an appointment

As usual, please let us know if you’ve any feedback on this powerful new feature.

Shading updates of non-working hours

We added options to control the appearance of users non-working hours. This can be found under “Settings” (top right menu) > “Calendar Settings”. This can make it clearer for administrators who are scheduling groups of users. These controls can only be seen by “Admins” on the account, but once changed will affect how all users on the account see it. As before, shading can still be turned off completely where it’s not wanted.

Shading of non-working times

Quick calendar options usability update

We’ve introduced a quick calendar settings menu available directly from the main calendar page.

quick calendar options

This option allows for instant changes to the calendar including:

1) Changing the slots per hour setting. This controls the amount of detail visible in the calendar by changing the amount of time each slot takes up.
2) Changing the number of days visible per week.
3) A new option to allow switching between Sunday and Monday as the first day of the week.

Any changes made immediately update either the large or small calendar views.

update to small calendar

Feedback on this new feature is much appreciated.

Text reminder delivery delays (14 Jan)

There was an issue processing queued SMS scheduled for sending to clients on 14th Jan. This resulted in delays for some outgoing reminders. We apologize for the inconvenience for you and your clients. This issue is now resolved and all scheduled reminders should be going out on time again.

We are looking into ways to modify our reminder queuing system to ensure that the queue cannot become stuck in a similar manner again.

Swipe to gather client card details

Any typical USB Swipe Magnetic Swipe Card Reader can now be used to gather client card details for billing. We made a simple youtube video of how this works: Using magstripe card read to gather client card details for later billing

Once client payments are enabled in YellowSchedule just swipe the card while in the “contacts” page. It will enter the card details and you’ll just need to enter the 3 or 4 digit CVC code and click save.

swipe to gather client credit card details

swipe to gather client credit card details

Not started yet with payments? See how easy it is to use YellowSchedule to begin taking payments from clients

Not sure which card reader to use? Check out this list of cheap card readers on amazon!

Update to iPhone/iPad app

We’ve released a new version of the YellowSchedule user app (1.5.2) for apple devices. This version fixes keyboard and stability problems affecting any devices running the latest version of iOS (12). If you are experiencing any problems we recommend updating the YellowSchedule app version.

YellowSchedule on iPhone iPad appstore

Assign contacts to other team users

We now have the ability for users to create contacts on behalf of other users. This is useful for team accounts where there are controls over which users can see specific contacts and where secretarial users may want to create contacts with a specific clinician as the contact “Owner”.

To use this new option you must first be configured to have advanced user controls switched on. An admin user can switch this on by going to -“Settings” (top right menu) >> -“User Access” >> “Enterprise level user controls”.


Then when creating a contact in the system you’ll notice Continue reading

Archive to keep your team efficient

Instead of deleting contacts that have dropped off, try archiving old contacts instead. This keeps the active contacts that your team needs ready at your fingertips and lets you make active again any old archived contacts if the need later arises.

Archiving a contact removes it from the primary display, and dropdown lists and helps keep your YellowSchedule experience fast.

You can Continue reading