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Approve or Decline client bookings

We’ve added a new feature to allow client bookings to be screened before they are accepted. With this option enabled you will need to Approve or Decline each new client booking on a case by case basis.

When this mode is switched on. Each new client booking must be approved or declined. You’ll be notified by email when you need to make a decision. You’ll also see an indication on the dashboard that new bookings require your approval.


To switch this option on go to:
– “Settings” (top right menu)
– “Online Booking Setup”
– Under the heading “For new bookings do you want to:” select the option for “Review each booking request from clients and Accept or Decline each one”

After Approving (or Declining) a booking you’ll have an option of notifying the client via text message.

Minor dashboard and booking updates

We’ve made some updates to the system to improve the speed of display of the dashboard.


We’ve also put in place an update to the booking system to improve the responsiveness of the booking widget as it on mobile screens. This ensures that on smaller resolution devices the widget will display in a cleaner, narrower profile making it easier for your client to book their slot. We will be releasing major functionality and responsiveness updates to the booking system over the coming weeks.


Vacation SMS Auto responder

We’ve added an SMS auto-responder function for vacation/out of office time. When clients message you while you are away you can set an automated custom response to let them know you’re away from the office.

To set it up go to Settings > Reminder Settings.  At the end of this page you can toggle on an auto-responder for incoming SMS messages and customize with a short message.

Remember to turn it off when you’re back in the office!

SMS out of office

Calendar Sync and HIPAA Compliance

Storing patient data in the cloud? YellowSchedule is designed to HIPAA specifications and we’ve put a great deal of effort into ensuring data security and privacy. YellowSchedule allows you to be HIPAA compliant, but you still need to be careful. Particularly if you are syncing data with different tools which are outside of our control.

(Are you syncing PII data to Google/Outlook?)

Many of our Continue reading