Intelligent Visitor

Enable visiting in a safe and controlled way

  • Significant reduction in phone calls to schedule visits
  • Reduces demand on hospital resources for Covid-19 screening
  • Prevents visitors with potential symptoms from arriving on site
  • Reduces queuing in busy reception areas
  • Allows pausing of visits to individuals, wards or entire facility for infection control purposes
  • Visits scheduled directly with a specific patient, enabling fast and accurate contact tracing.
  • Reception software with overview of visitors expected for the day, status of screening
  • Ward level software with overview of visits, screening status and visitor check-ins
  • Ability for staff to input visits for visitors unable to do so, and to input visits for sensitive cases.

Enable visiting in a safe controlled way

Our visitor scheduling platform provides a secure way for family members to book visits with their loved ones, to be pre-screened for Covid-19 on the morning of the visit and to receive a bar code to enable fast track entry at the facility.

This reduces the demands on resources at the care facility, reduces queueing in reception areas and ultimately ensures patients and visitors get to maximise their precious time together in a safe environment.

hospital patient visiting flow

It also provides an accurate single source of data to enable contact tracing for infection control teams. This solution is configurable to your organisation’s requirements and can change based on the latest public health guidelines. Fully secure and GDPR compliant.

Case Studies

Residential Care Case Study

Mowlam Healthcare

Mowlam Healthcare is the largest nursing home group in Ireland and has used YellowSchedule to facilitate the reopening of visiting.

Visitors self schedule visits with their loved ones online directly from the Nursing home website, selecting from available visiting slots. During the Covid-19 pandemic specific rooms and meeting areas have been allocated for receiving visitors and visiting slots contain a buffer time to allow for sanitization of rooms. A robust and dependable contact tracing system which can be quickly accessed for infection control is required. Great dynamic control over parameters is required and visiting can be paused for individuals, units or entire nursing homes if required for infection control purposes or as public health guidelines are updated.

“YellowSchedule allows flexibility and ease of management for our homes to maintain a visitor schedule, and this visitor record will also serve to assist with all important contact tracing and infection control. The industry-leading appointment solution has been integrated into our nursing home webpage for ease of use by families. This system gives our Directors of Nursing and home administrators a daily list of who will be visiting the homes and at what times. We reviewed a wide selection of online visit scheduling systems and selected YellowSchedule as our preferred partner because of their expertise and knowledge of the healthcare sector, both in Ireland and the US.”

Joe Hanrahan, Business Development, Mowlam Healthcare

Hospital Case Study

South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital

SIVUH is a 200 bed hospital in Cork, Ireland with with 2 trauma wards and required a system to facilitate admin free visiting for patients within the hospital.

YellowSchedule streamlined the entire workflow to enable visitor scheduling to run self-sufficiently. Visitors schedule a visit online, using a YVAN code (YellowSchedule Visiting Access Number) with a specific patient. Availability of visiting spaces are based on a number of local factors such as visiting hours, ward capacity, bed numbers in individual rooms, public health guidelines on the day etc. Visitor complete Covid-19 screening questionnaires securely online on the morning of their visit. Answering “No” to all questions generates a barcode that the visitor will present to staff on entry to the hospital. This greatly reduces queuing and administration at reception areas. Visitors who answer “Yes” to any of the questions are informed they cannot visit and directed to the relevant public health information. The system provides a robust and fast system for contact tracing. Individual patients or wards can be removed from visiting if required for infection control purposes. Staff can add visits to the system manually and bypass communications/alerts for sensitive visits.

“YellowSchedule has been transformational in terms of enabling the return of visitors to our long stay patients safely and efficiently. The phones have stopped ringing on the wards and the control has been put into the hands of visitors to schedule themselves. Visitors arriving pre-screened for Covid-19 prevents potentially infectious visitors arriving at the hospital and also ensures that other visitors are processed quickly without queuing. We now have a single, accurate record to enable fast contact tracing.”

“Crucially, our visitors, even less technically minded ones, report that the system is easy to use, with 98% of visitors rating the system as ‘Excellent’ or ‘Very good’.”

Breeda Kelly, Assistant Director of Nursing, South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital, Cork.

Security & peace of mind

We know how important your client data is and have put great attention to detail to make sure it is safe and secure (and always backed up) allowing you to fully concentrate on supporting your clients.

  • GDPR Compliance / HIPAA Compliance
  • Hosted on State-of-the-art Servers in a Top Tier Data Center
  • SSL Technology Protects Transmission of Data
  • 256-bit Client Data Encryption Standards
  • Database Replication and Daily Backups
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