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Google Calendar Integration

Guide to our 2-way Google Sync. This allows your YellowSchedule Calendar and Google Calendar to mirror each other. Create, edit or delete appointments on one and it will mirror to the other.

Please note this specifically is a guide to our Google Calendar 2-way Sync. It is also separately possible to import your YellowSchedule calendar to other 3rd party calendars in a one-way only sync More info on our 1-way sync and Import contacts from sources other than Google with .CSV import More info on importing contacts via .CSV.

Many users choose to Import Contacts and Sync their Calendar with Google on First Setup of their YellowSchedule Account.


On first use of YellowSchedule during the quickstart guide the final step allows you to “Import from Google”.

sync with google screenshot 1


Google will allow you to select the account you would like to sync with and then Request you to confirm permission (All Google permissions can be revoked at anytime within Google)

sync with google screenshot 2
sync with google screenshot 3


If there’s Contact Details of clients within your Google account they can be imported here. You can remove any contacts that you do not with to import at this point.

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The final step allows you select your calendar feed from Google. There is a tickbox option on the left allowing you to maintain a full 2-way sync of your Google Calendar with YellowSchedule.

A full 2-way sync means that Appointment changes within YellowSchedule (adding/editing/deleting) will be mirrored to the Google calendar account and changes within Google will also be mirrored to YellowSchedule.

sync with google screenshot 5