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Outlook Integration

Guide to our Outlook Sync. This allows a full 2-way sync with Outlook Calendar. Create, edit or delete appointments on one and it will mirror to the other.

It’s easy to sync YellowSchedule with Outlook.

To begin click:
-Settings (top right menu)
-Calendar Sync
-Import data with Outlook.


This will allow you to securely enter your Microsoft Outlook username and password to begin syncing your YellowSchedule and Outlook Calendar events. If you have a large amount of data in outlook it can take a few minutes to complete the initial sync. This may happen in the background and all Outlook events should soon be viewable in YellowSchedule.

Please note that you can’t sync both an Outlook and a Google calendar on the same username.

You can also securely bring in contacts from outlook into YellowSchedule.

To do this click:
-Contacts (main tab)
-Import Outlook Contacts.