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We are Yellow Schedule, and we are on a crusade to reimagine global healthcare technology systems so that everyone can receive the support and service they deserve. Delivering technical innovation to improve efficiency, workflow and thereby increasing access to healthcare is at the core of what motivates and drives us.
We are more than a provider, we are your trusted partner; we are more than specialists, we are experts.
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To democratise healthcare by powering 20 million appointments annually.

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Our goal is to revolutionize healthcare, making it universally accessible. We are harnessing the power of innovative technology to digitize healthcare systems – making them more efficient, and more effective.

That's the number of appointments we've scheduled to date, already making a significant impact on our targets. However, this is just the beginning, together we’re on a journey to increase patients' access to the care they deserve.

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From scheduling, through to intake forms, waiting list management and visitor check in we have the solution for you.

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Sophisticated Scheduling
Allows scheduling at scale, enables complex and granular functionality and can empower patient self-schedule where required. The system also features modular add-ons, expanding its capabilities and enabling powerful functionality.
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Patient Communications
Provides a comprehensive patient experience through interactive appointment reminders, waiting list verification and management, and timely communication throughout the entire patient journey.
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Intake Documention
Simplifies the documentation process for patient intake, screening, and consent forms, allowing healthcare providers to focus on providing patient care. Our system guarantees high security standards to meet and exceed regulatory requirements.
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A powerful tool for effective patient management

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Yellow Schedule streamlines the operations of your healthcare organization by eliminating bottlenecks and improving workflow. We analyze and optimize patient pathways to minimize administrative tasks and improve the patient experience. Our clients have successfully utilized Yellow Schedule to decrease waiting times, lower the number of missed appointments, and increase patient access to care.

Discover how Yellow Schedule helps our clients optimize staff and resource deployment for optimal performance.

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