Bed Scheduling & Management

In healthcare environments where beds are a critical resource, our Bed Scheduling & Management feature becomes indispensable. It offers a comprehensive solution to efficiently manage and allocate beds, ensuring patients receive timely care without overburdening the facility.

Tailor-made to cater to specialized centres, including healthcare, recovery, addiction, and treatment centres, our product promotes optimum patient flow and facility management."

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Beds in a ward
Real-time Bed Bookings

Bed Scheduling Key Features

Our system offers a unified view of bed availability, patient assignments, and upcoming reservations through an intuitive interface. Users can track bed statuses in real-time to ensure optimal utilization. It offers detailed reports on bed KPIs such as patient wait times, printable bed lists, and discharge lists, streamlining room cleaning and resource management. The platform integrates smoothly with check-ins, treatments, and discharges, and can facilitate timely communications to patients about bed assignments.

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