Patient Communications

Our real-time communication system allows for instant delivery of text reminders and messages, configurable by patient pathway. This allows for quick and efficient communication between patients and healthcare providers. Additionally, patients can easily reply to messages, ensuring timely and effective communication.

Yellow Schedule also contains integrated video conferencing which is fast, secure, and easy to use, providing an efficient way for patients to connect with their healthcare providers remotely. Our communication tools improve the accessibility of healthcare services, including intake coordination, post-discharge care, patient-initiated follow-up, and diagnostic coordination.

Patient communications - girl looking at SMS on phone
Smart Patient Engagement

Interactive Reminders

Our communication system allows for customizable SMS and email reminder messages that can be tailored to each patient's needs. These reminders can be branded with your organization's information, including location, making it easy for patients to find and confirm their appointments. In addition, patients can reply to the reminders to confirm their attendance. This feature allows for easy tracking and confirmation of appointments, ensuring that both patients and healthcare providers are on the same page and greatly reducing no-shows.
email and text reminders
email and text reminders
Care Efficiency

Survey Patients & Prioritize

Our clinical questionnaire helps to streamline the patient management process by confirming patients' status on a waiting list, gathering information on their condition, and determining their level of urgency. This allows you to categorize and prioritize patients for treatment, reducing waiting times and ensuring that each patient receives the best care option, whether it be in-patient or community care.

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Patient Initiated Follow-up

Patient Initiated Follow-up is a feature that allows patients to proactively schedule follow-up appointments or check-ins with their healthcare provider. This can improve continuity of care and ensure that patients receive necessary follow-up care in a timely manner. This feature can also help patients to stay engaged and informed about their health and treatment.

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telehealth consultations - telehealth session between patient and doctor
Virtual Care

Seamless Telehealth

Our telehealth feature allows for virtual consultations between healthcare providers and patients. It eliminates the need for software downloads or client logins, making it easy for both parties to access the consultation. Patients can access the consultation directly from their desktop, laptop, tablet, or phone, providing them with flexibility and convenience. This feature can be particularly useful for patients who may have difficulty coming to the clinic or have mobility issues, as well as for organizations that are looking to expand their reach and offer virtual consultations to their patients.

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Empowering Recovery

Post Discharge Care

This allows healthcare providers to communicate with patients after they have been discharged. This can include sending follow-up care instructions. Patients can receive timely and convenient information that can help them to manage their recovery and prevent readmissions. Additionally, it allows healthcare providers to easily and quickly check-in with patients and monitor their progress, which can improve continuity of care and patient outcomes.

post discharge care

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