Hospital Visitor Management Solutions

Our Hospital Visitor Management Solution offer a secure and easy way to schedule visits with loved ones in the hospital, reducing staff admin, phone calls and demand on resources. It also provides visibility and control of visitors, enables contact tracing, and prescreens visitors to prevent the introduction of pathogens into the healthcare environment.

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Our unique hospital visitor management solution allows a secure and convenient way for visitors to schedule visits with their loved ones in the hospital. On patient intake, an automated message is sent to a nominated visitor, which includes a link and code to schedule visits with that specific patient. The message also includes details on how to schedule a visit and the visiting protocol. No patient data or names are included in the communication, which enables the visitors to schedule their own visits based on availability and ward capacity. This solution ensures a more efficient and effective way to manage hospital visits while also ensuring the safety and privacy of patients.
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Infection Prevention Protocols

Safe Visitation

Our visitor management system implements a safety protocol on the morning of the visit, where visitors are required to complete a Covid19 (or other seasonal infectious disease) screening questionnaire. This is to ensure the health and safety of patients, staff, and visitors within the hospital. If any risk factors are identified through the questionnaire, the visit will be declined and the relevant public health advice will be provided to the visitor. If no risk factors are identified, a QR code will be sent to the visitor, granting them access to the hospital to visit their loved one.

This system ensures that the hospital is taking necessary precautions to prevent the spread of infectious diseases while still allowing for visitation.

Efficient Check-in Process

Streamlined Visitation

Upon arrival at the hospital, visitors can quickly proceed to their visit without the need to queue or stand in line to answer screening questionnaires by scanning the QR code provided to them. Reception staff can easily check who is due in, what ward or patient they are visiting and see the status of their Covid screening, ensuring an efficient check-in process and streamlined visitation experience.

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Precise Visitation Management

Bed-Specific Booking

Our platform maps patients to specific wards and beds, allowing for a high level of control and precision in managing visits. This means that visits are booked to a specific bed and ward, not just to the front desk. This allows for the restriction of visiting capacity in wards to comply with social distancing guidelines, and for ensuring that all patients have equal opportunities for visits. Additionally, our platform allows for the ability to close down specific wards or individual patients from receiving visits for infection control or if a patient is medically unable to receive visits. This precision in visitation management ensures the safety and well-being of patients and staff.

Smooth Exit Management

Our system eliminates the need for staff to act as bouncers for visits by providing an automated way to send an "end of visit" message to visitors, politely asking them to make their way to the exit and reminding them of parking tickets or protocols. This ensures a smooth exit management process, providing a pleasant experience for both visitors and staff.
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