Automated Vaccination Scheduling

Our solution addresses the challenges of scheduling large-scale vaccination programs, particularly for pre-determined vaccine recipients such as front-line workers. Our solution allows for programmatic assignment of vaccination time slots to recipients based on variables such as the number of vaccinators, the amount of vaccines available, the duration of the vaccine process and wait-time. Recipients are messaged to confirm their assigned slot, and if the slot does not suit, the timeslot can be reassigned to another recipient. We also capture responses if time slots don’t work, feeding that information into reporting to help organizations make necessary adjustments. This ensures an efficient and optimized allocation of resources, reducing the complexity of scheduling vaccination programs.

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Vaccination scheduling
Minimized No-shows

Vaccination Self-Scheduling

Our solution includes the option for self-scheduling vaccinations, which allows individuals to make their own vaccination time-slots and schedule them online, either on a microsite, your own website or behind a portal login. This feature increases convenience and autonomy for the individuals getting vaccinated. Our vaccination programs have also shown to have some of the lowest no-show rates due to the ability to reuse every time slot and minimize waste. Our solutions are designed to help organizations run their vaccination programs smoothly, efficiently and effectively.

Vaccination SMS and rescheduling

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