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Cork University Maternity Hospital

The COVID-19 pandemic brought unprecedented challenges to all hospitals, including Cork University Maternity Hospital (CUMH). In order to protect patients and staff, CUMH had to limit access to the hospital. However, the hospital recognized the importance of support for expectant parents and understood that partners play a vital role in the pregnancy journey.

As a solution, CUMH implemented the Hospital Visiting System developed by Yellow Schedule that allowed patients attending out-patient clinics to be accompanied by their partners for their all-important anatomy scans, which check the baby's development. The system ensures that patients are able to receive the support they need while also adhering to safety protocols, making the experience as positive as possible for both patients and their partners.

Anatomy Scan at Maternity Hospital
visitor screening technology screenshots

Our partnership with CUMH

The Yellow Schedule visiting system allowed expectant mothers to nominate the partner, allowed for scheduling of visits and enforced pre-screening of expectant mothers and visitors to ensure that viral pathogens were not introduced into the hospital environment.

The system enabled a streamlined process for approved visitors to accompany their partners during the anatomy scan. Upon approval, visitors were provided with a unique QR code that they used to gain access to the hospital and the scan room. This system also enabled the tracking of visitor numbers and locations, which helped to minimize contact points and reduce the risk of infection for patients, newborns, and staff.

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