Controlled Visiting

South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital

The system addressed the specific needs of the Trauma Orthopaedic Wards at South Infirmary Victoria University Hospital (SIVUH) by managing visits for long-stay patients in these wards and providing a more efficient and organized approach to handling patient visits.

The Visiting Management system minimized the number of people in the ward at any given time, reduce the risk of infection transmission, and improving the overall patient experience. The system handles the scheduling of visits, the tracking of visitor numbers and locations, and the enforcement of pre-screening measures for visitors and patients to ensure that viral pathogens are not introduced into the hospital environment.

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Family members visiting patients in SIVUH found the convenience of being able to schedule online at a time that suited them, rather than trying to phone a busy hospital telephone line preferable, and also felt that each patient was getting "their fair share" of visits during the week with the new system.

The Value to healthcare staff and the impact on launch was immediate. A senior ward staff member in SIVUH described the impact as extraordinary - the phones have stopped ringing and I can get back to doing my job which is caring for patients.

Breeda Kelly, Assistant Director of Nursing, SIVUH said, YellowSchedule has been transformational in terms of enabling the return of visitors to our long stay patients safely and efficiently

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Vaccination Scheduling for SIVUH

Additionally the South Infirmary-Victoria University Hospital also utilized our system to automate scheduling of appointments and co-ordinate patient communications for COVID-19 vaccinations for healthcare workers and individuals at high risk.

The system scheduled 30,000 vaccine appointments. Each individual was notified of their scheduled appointment date and time via text message and instructed to confirm or request an alternative date and time.

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Positive feedback on Vaccination Scheduling

SIVUH's Finance Project Manager, Peter Mallen, who commisioned Yellow Schedule to provide the functionality at the release of the first covid 19 vaccines stated as follows:

Yellow Schedule proved to be intuitive and user friendly – no-one raised a single issue with me regarding its technical performance etc. throughout the entire process. At least a hundred times it must have said to me that we’d have been lost without Yellow Schedule. The most important thing for me was that as administrators, we didn’t leave the clinical side or those attending for vaccination down once thanks to having a system that we could absolutely rely on. A big win from our adoption and management of Yellow Schedule was our exceptionally low DNA rate. The fact that the system was up and operational in no-time was equally commendable.

Jean O'Sullivan, Operations Officer at SIVUH, commented that:

YellowSchedule delivered for us at short notice on our requirement to fulfil 2-dose vaccines. We would have had a monumental task to schedule the 2-dose covid-19 vaccines, especially bearing in mind restrictions around the timing of the 2nd dose and co-ordinating that with the delivery of the vaccines. YellowSchedule have given us the ability to focus on the delivery of the vaccine by removing huge logistical hurdles.

The system is flexible and can change on a daily basis based on the number of vaccinators available each day and provides reporting functionality so that hospital staff can see who has confirmed their appointment, who has cancelled, who has not yet replied and can follow up appropriately with this small number.

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