Streamlining Disability Support

University of Berkeley DSP Implements Yellow Schedule

The University of Berkeley sought the assistance of Yellow Schedule to aid in their Disabled Students' Program (DSP). The system needed to integrate with Berkeley's own Student Authentication Service (CalNet) so that students can schedule appointments with disability support workers using their student ID. Furthermore, students can also use kiosks on campus to schedule follow-up appointments or check in for their appointment, and the system will notify the assigned assistant via push notification.

two students talking in sign language
Deaf students talking to each other with sign language
Seamless Integration

Advanced API Functionality

Yellow Schedule's advanced API functionality and web hook system allowed for seamless integration with University of Berkeley's software. This ensured that student information was easily and securely shared between systems, streamlining the process for both students and staff.

The partnership with Yellow Schedule has been a reliable constant in the daily work of the Disabled Students' Program, and the care and attention given to the program's unique needs is greatly appreciated. -Laronda Chambers, Business Manager at UC Berkeley

girl with hearing aid booking appointment on phone

Our Partnership with DSP Berkeley

As part of our partnership with Berkeley DSP, the following additional tasks were also completed:

  • Facilitating data transfer and API continuity during the switch from the outgoing DSS Online system (SCARAB) to the new AIM system.
  • Developing a dashboard tailored for visually impaired staff members.
  • Implementing web accessibility compliance with federal standards (508) for individuals with disabilities.

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