Scalable Scheduling Platform for Healthcare.

Our platform improves the patient experience by making it more convenient and accessible to schedule appointments, reducing missed appointments, and improving the overall efficiency of the healthcare organization.

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Our powerful group appointment feature allows you to schedule appointments for multiple patients at once while providing tailored patient communications specific to the appointment.

Benefit from real-time tracking of attendance and confirmations and easily monitor new bookings, cancellations, and other appointment statuses directly from the calendar without the need to click into individual appointments. Additionally, our online booking feature provides patients with the convenience of self-scheduling into group appointments directly from your website, making it particularly beneficial for training sessions, patient education, and group sessions.

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Scalable Solution

Multi-User or Multi-Team

Our system is designed to adapt to the needs of your healthcare practice, no matter the size. As your team grows, additional capabilities can be enabled to increase efficiency and reduce administrative tasks. We will work with you to provide the necessary functionality and integration with other processes as your needs evolve.

Fine-grained access controls ensure the privacy and security of patient data. Access levels can be set for each user, allowing for precise control over who can see specific information. This allows for centralized scheduling management, or for individual team members to manage their own scheduling.

Enhanced Room Management

Room & Resource Booking

Book rooms or other shared resources such as equipment or vehicles while instantly seeing when resources are booked by another staff member.

Our detailed 'Room View' mode provides a comprehensive listing of all room bookings, with vertical columns assigned to individual rooms or other resources. This allows you to easily track the usage of shared resources and make informed decisions. Additionally, our system offers advanced configuration options, such as user prioritization and user availability for room booking, to further optimize resource management.

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Empower Patients


Our patient self-scheduling feature allows patients to easily book appointments based on your calendar availability, eliminating the risk of double-booking and ensuring no appointment slots are wasted. This empowers patients to schedule appointments or follow-up visits at their own convenience.

24/7 online scheduling caters to the diverse needs of your patients. Our confirmation system confirms that all bookings are genuine and made by actual patients.

Our booking tool can be customized to seamlessly integrate with the look and feel of your own portal or website, providing a consistent experience for your patients. This enables you to offer your patients a seamless and hassle-free booking process that aligns with your healthcare organization's branding and communication.

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Recurring Appointments

Managing recurring appointments is a critical aspect of scheduling for any healthcare organization. Our system provides a streamlined process for scheduling recurring appointments, ensuring there are no conflicts with future events. In fact, many of the appointments on our system are recurring, demonstrating its importance for healthcare practices.

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Smart Syncing

Seamless Calendar Integration

Our system offers two-way calendar syncing with popular calendar software such as Google and Outlook Calendar. This allows for streamlined scheduling and easy coordination between multiple calendars. Additionally, it supports syncing of advanced functionality, including the ability to schedule and manage recurring appointments. This ensures all your appointments and events stays up to date and synced across all your calendars.

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Custom Solutions

Our system offers powerful bespoke solutions to support complex scheduling scenarios, including scheduling for on-the-road service providers or based on zip-code. We have a range of custom modules with advanced functionality to address specific challenges. If you don't see the module or solution you require, we would be happy to discuss how we can help. We may already be working on it. With our tailored solutions, you can ensure that your scheduling process is optimized for your specific needs.
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