Product Updates

New Group Scheduling & Booking functionality

Posted on July 12, 2013 by Michael

We’ve regularly been asked for it and now here it is.. our new group scheduling & booking functionality. We’re very excited to be adding this feature which allows users to now schedule a class or group of clients for an event or setup an event and let your clients book directly into that from your website with the easy to use booking widget! Each client will be notified before the event and you will see green/red dots to indicate their attendance.

Group Scheduling showing confirmations and a cancellation. Easily add or remove other contacts.

At the moment we are in final testing of this functionality (current users can click “My Settings” > “Calendar Settings” > “Enable class bookings” to see it) Please use the feedback form to let us know your thoughts on it. We are very interested in feedback on this functionality and are offering a limited number of free accounts to business who would like to help us test this feature.

If you would be interested in trying it for free please give me a shout on telling me:

Your name

Company name

Address (incl Country)

and Email Address,

oh and if it’s not obvious from the company name then please mention what you do too! :)

Group Scheduling snapshot view showing confirmations and client messaging and replies