Product Updates

New usability and color options

Posted on March 24, 2017 by Michael

We’ve added some great new features and usability updates to the system.

We’ve added in the ability to be able to set individual colors for appointments.


We’ve also redesigned the user menu left of calendar, to allow you to assign default colors to specific users along with dark or light appointment font color options (The new user menu also gives better control to account administrators in multi-user accounts then before)


We also included an option to ‘shade-out’ calendar times for outside of normal working hours making it easier for administrators to schedule appointments for staff.


(If you don’t want the shading option it can be disabled from the “Working hours” setup page – simply untick “Shade-out non-working hours in the main calendar” then click save – see how to do this here)

Lastly we also included an easy way to know which appointments were booked directly by clients (if you use our booking system on your website). Direct bookings by clients will have a red left border.


(If you don’t want this feature it can be disabled at “Settings” -> “Online Booking Setup” -> “Highlight client booked apts with a red border”)