Product Updates

System Updates

Posted on May 5, 2016 by Michael

We are constantly improving our system based on your user feedback. Here’s a few recent updates to make Scheduling with us as easy as possible.

1) Improved client note taking.

We have introduced the ability to keep appointment or session notes for clients. These can be viewed by clicking the notes icon. Full audit trails of when and who edited these notes are available. (As with all clients details, notes are secured with highly advanced encryption techniques).

appointment notes

2) Repeating appointment improvements.

We have overhauled our repeating appointments functionality. Repeating appointment options can now be edited as needed. Also repeating appointments can be repeated “forever” now.

repeating appointments updates

3) Improvements to navigation throughout the system.

We have made some subtle additions to allow experienced users to more quickly navigate through to the areas they need more quickly.


4) Improvements to Calendar Printing.

We recently wrote up a new blog post about this. See more on YellowSchedule Goes Green!.

5) New interactive user help guides.

We introduced improvements to our help system to include new interactive user help guides. These tutorials make it easy for new users to quickly learn the ropes.

interactive user help guides

6) Updated user messaging.

We updated all user messaging to be clearer and more intuitive to users.

new user messaging

7) Updated display of Group Appointments

We included a version our unique green/red dot system for group appointments. If you take group appointments you can now see at a glance client confirmation and cancellation details for appointments directly on your calendar.

group appointment status information

It wouldn’t be possible to have a system this powerful without the support of our excellent customers. We continue to welcome feedback from customers and are already excited whats in store for the next set of updates.