Product Updates

SMS Credit and Top ups on the Lite plan

Posted on January 22, 2016 by Martina

With our Lite plan you have the option of sending SMS appointment reminders to your clients. SMS messages cost 10c each and replies from your clients, including confirmations and cancellations, also cost 10c each. We are charged by our SMS provider for both sent and received messages.

When you get started with the Lite plan we give you 50 SMS credits for FREE to allow you to evaluate the SMS functionality. After you’ve used the 50 free credits you can continue to use YellowSchedule without using SMS reminders (remember email reminders and replies are free!) or you can top up the SMS credits in your account. You can top up in $20 and $50 bundles.

You can see the remaining SMS credits in the top right of your account as in the image below. When your credit gets low we’ll automatically warn you by email. This allows you to relax and not worry about running out of credits.


To top up simply click on “Add Credit” as highlighted in the image above. This will bring you to the Add Credit screen you can see in the image below. Simply select your credit card and topup amount. (You will need to add a credit card the first time you do this).


You can also switch on the Auto Renew Credit option which will automatically add credit once your SMS credits begin to get low.


And don’t worry about your SMS credits expiring, there isn’t an expiry date, so you can use your SMS credits at your own pace.