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Gathering Client Payment Details

Once Client Payments are enabled there are two ways to gather clients payments details to allow you to charge them:

1) Manually add client card details.
2) Gather payment details when client places an online booking.

1) Manually Adding Card Details

When viewing a Contact. Click the “Add Card” option on payment details. Use this to manually enter the payment details for a client.

Add new client Credit card

Now you can also use a swipe card reader. See more here: Use swipe card reader to easily gather client card details

2) OR you can gather payment details when client places an online booking.

Under “Online Booking Setup”. Switch the Online booking validation method to the “Credit Card” option.

When this option is switched on then if a new client books an appointment from your website they will confirm their appointment by entering their payment details. This is how it will look when a client completes their online booking.

Screenshot showing controls to gather payment details from client

Once clients details are added raising new payments (and making refunds) are easy.