Yellow Schedule Support

Importing contacts from a .csv file

CSV is a popular simple data file format. It’s easy to export data from spreadsheets to .CSV.

You can import contacts into YellowSchedule from a .csv file.
Click “Contacts” (on top)
Click “Import”.
Click “browse files” and find the .csv file you want to import. Then click “Import”.

The file is quickly scanned and seperate data columns are identified. The columns are displayed in a list going down the page (column one, two, three..etc) showing sample data for each column found. You should now match the correct field in the selectbox on the right side. For example pick out firstname, surname, email or mobile phone.

Data fields you don’t want to carry across can be ignored by selecting “Ignore this Column”. Data fields not already in YellowSchedule can be added through the “New Data Field” option. This allows you to type a name for a new data field which might not be in the list. For example, Nationality, Maiden Name etc..

When you’ve set an option for each field then click the “Import” option.

You will then see a preview of all the data to be imported. Any rows in red may be missing some information (such as email or mobile phone number) Missing data can be manually typed in now, or it can be added at a later time.

Finally click on “Import All” to finish the import. You can check under “Contacts” to make sure the data was correctly imported.